Brixton’s Rock

I hail from a family of fish & chips manic obsessives. Chief obsessive? My Auntie Joan, who still sends my Uncle DK on ever-longer journeys around Leeds for fish & chips, every Friday. And adamantly believes no decent fish & chips exist south of Yorkshire. The secret of course is that ‘up North’ they fry in beef dripping. Current favourite The Skyliner, voted Leeds’ best fish and chip shop, which Yorkshire folk could say makes it the best chippie in the world.

Auntie Joan or no Auntie Joan, fish and chips in London are traditionally terrible, one up from a drunken doner in terms of gastro despair. With a few exceptions. Kerbisher & Malt know what they are doing, in a gentrification-of-working-man’s-food-kind-of-a-way, Seacow is pretty decent and south Londoners still eulogise Ollie’s (I’m not so sure). Which brings us to Brixton’s Rock.

It is exactly what the local fish and chip shop should be, it’s at the end of the road. It’s a traditional local takeaway with a few nods to modernity. Not beards and tattoos, but menu expansion beyond the traditional cod, haddock, rock and plaice. Cod, chips and (essential) mushy peas, with a grilled option for Mrs B. 100 yard dash, on the plate, front of the telly, done.

Dear reader, I’m impressed. Beautifully moist fish in crisp batter (not the usual greasy calamity), big portions and great chips. Chunky, crispy on the outside, fluffy inside. Mrs B’s grilled cod? Equally impressive. These guys can cook. The prices are fine, the staff are engaged and enthusiastic, they do a genuinely gluten-free Tuesday night, and did I mention it’s footsteps from home? Auntie Joan is coming down from Leeds soon, so the ultimate test awaits…

Brixton’s Rock

118 Acre Lane, SW2 5RA
020 7738 5651

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