The Southside Royale

Bored of  Martinis (is that possible?), Negronis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, then try the Southside Royale. Nick’s cocktail claim to fame? having to teach this to the barman at The Waldorf. Refreshing and potent in equal measure, rumour has it was born in the Prohibition era as Chicago’s Southside Gang disguised the quality of their bootleg liquor.

You need a chilled martini glass or coupe, lemons, London Dry Gin, mint leaves, sugar syrup, champagne (or Cava if you are scrimping) cocktail shaker, ice and muddler. Get the glass chilling in the fridge, make your sugar syrup and leave to cool.

Recipe: 6 mint leaves, 2 shots gin, 1 shot freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 shot sugar syrup, splash of bubbles.

Muddle or ‘bruise’ 5 mint leaves in your shaker, add the gin, lemon, sugar syrup and 5 ice cubes, shake well for 30 seconds. Strain into your chilled glass, top up with a splash of champagne (Diffords recommends Laurent Perrier if you are being particular) and garnish with a single mint leaf. Enjoy.

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