Whirled Cinema

A bohemian rhapsody. In deepest Loughborough Junction, underneath the railway arches. Whirled Cinema is the independent yang to the mainstream multiplex ying. Whirled is nature rebalancing.

A cinema members club where you soak up a kaleidoscope of global arthouse programming, in surprisingly good quality (in true Brixtonian fashion, we like the fact you can hear the trains rumble overhead). Funky seating, a little bar and terrace, and a cool deal with Firezza the local pizzeria. Order at the bar and they text you when the pizza comes. Enjoy in your seat.


Uber-relaxed. No phones, no sweaty nachos, no Tom Cruise. Those old enough to remember the pre-everything Ritzy with its all nighters and carrot cake can enjoy a whiff of the same charm. But more Merlot and chorizo than tea, cake and doobie.

If you, as I am, are a full member, Whirled also brings back the long-lost pleasures of spontaneity. I don’t have to book, I just turn up. They also do weekly memberships and you can hire it out. Arguably our most successful kids’ birthday party to date was Peabody & Sherman plus hotdogs on a Saturday morning at Whirled. Friends have had good parties here as well.

I absolutely admire the commitment to off-piste film. The fact that it doesn’t exactly dovetail with my cinematic tastes is all the better. We are not on a plane. Nightcrawler, Locke and Blue is the Warmest Colour are as about as mainstream as it gets. Although selfishly I’d very happily sit through a season of films like Bladerunner, or Goodfellas in such a great space. Sometimes its crowded with people parked on the floor as well but that also adds to the intimacy. I suggest you give it a whirl.

Main image: Ed Walker

Whirled Cinema
259-260 Hardess St, SE24 0HN
020 7737 6153

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