Tuna Tartare

It’s a restaurant and brasserie regular but not many people I know actually make tartare at home. Its so easy. Steak, Salmon, Mackerel, or for a zingy fresh canape or starter… go Tuna. I’ve made this with supermarket Tuna before (Morrisons have good fresh fish) but ideally you have a good local fish shop. The fresher your Tuna the better. Sushi-grade ideal. I get mine in Brixton market.

This recipe serves two with a decent sized starter/main. It’s Tuna tartare with an oriental twist. If its just you in front of the telly, just chop and go, but I use cooking rings for presentation and structure.

You’ll need 120g Tuna, 3 spring onions, 1 green chilli, 1 red chilli, 1/2 ‘thumb’ of fresh ginger, 2 limes, coriander leaves, 4 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp light soy sauce and a mid-ripe avocado.

Leave the Tuna till last. It’s time to chop. Chop the spring onions (I use some of the green stalk as well as the white), de-seed the chillies and finely chop, same for the ginger and coriander. Place everything in a bowl, stir in the sesame oil and soy sauce and pop it in the fridge. I like a good kick but if you are worried, reduce the chilli content.

Ideally with a fish knife, chop your Tuna. I put the Tuna in the freezer for 45mins or so before chopping – it firms it up for chopping nice cubed pieces. Chop while removing the tough white membrane. Don’t chop it into mush, keep the cubes identifiable. Add to the other ingredients.

Now chop your avocado. If you have cooking rings (a ramekin is an alternative), place on a cold plate, add the avocado and firm down into a loose disc. Sprinkle with lime juice. Now add your Tuna mix from the fridge. Lightly press down in the ring. Squeeze more lime juice on, season with rock salt to taste and serve immediately with coriander for garnish. With thin toasts. You can also serve this as a classy canape on toast or blinis. Not so posh twist? add a little Lumpfish caviar. Enjoy

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