The Green Park

american bar

I can’t really take credit for this creation, that of course goes to Head Bartender of The Savoy’s American Bar Erik Lorincz. However, I do take minor credit for a little bit of a herbal twist, and possibly encouraging a currently non-existent trend for oregano cocktails. The classic recipe uses basil, I use oregano.

green park cocktail

Like a refreshing late afternoon or early evening stroll through London’s verdant hotspot, The Green Park is an elegant concoction with a vibrant green hue.

You will need a martini glass or coupe, London Dry Gin (I use Beefeater), freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup (easy peasy to make), an egg, celery bitters, ice and fresh oregano. Celery bitters are easy to find online, I use Fee Brothers.

Recipe:  2 shots Beefeater, 1 shot lemon juice, 2/3 shot sugar syrup, liberal dash of celery bitters, 6 oregano leaves, 1/2 shot of egg white. Traditionally the Green Park has two processes. Lightly muddle the oregano leaves, add all the ingredients with 5 cubes of ice, shake well and strain back into your cocktail shaker. Shake again (with no ice) and serve. Enjoy

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