Steak Tartare

The undisputed emperor of steak tartare? Anthony Bourdain, creator of my favourite cookbook, whose Brassierie Les Halles was ‘pretty much created to serve this dish.’


I nevertheless differ with his eminence gris on a couple of things. I like my egg (raw) on top. He mixes it in. I add red onion and I can take or leave the inclusion of parsley. I go with English mustard in preference to Dijon, and unless I am feeling particularly louche, save the cognac for the next prawn cocktail.


I’ve used all kinds of beef for steak tartare, from cheap and cheerful through to sirloin and fillet. Some swear by fillet, Bourdian specs Sirloin, I say depends on your budget, and the occasion. This is my Friday night supper version using a fairly standard supermarket medallion steak. Here’s what you need… serves 2

2 supper steak size pieces of sirloin/other (roughly 500g)
2 egg yolks, 1 small red onion, 2 oz capers, 2 oz cornichons, 2 tbsp mustard
4 anchovy filets, 2 tsp ketchup, 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, salt
Tabasco sauce, to taste


First job, chop that steak up. With a good sharp knife. Get rid of fat and especially any tough membrane. I tend to slice little cubetti-sized little chunks rather than chop to total destruction. And as Anthony more or less says, if you use a food processor, go to hell.


Then chop/prep all your other bits and bobs (except the Tabasco) and throw them all in to a bowl and mix together. Have a taste and add Tabasco as your heart desires.


You’ve basically done it all, in probably no more than 15 mins. The rest is presentation. If you are serving steak tartare to a first timer, or a sceptic, it’s nice to present it neatly (and less aggressively). Use a cooking ring to form your nice ‘restaurant-style’ disc, pressing down gently.


Finally, create a little yolk sized alcove in the centre of your tartare mix and add the yolk. Serve with toast or french fries. Enjoy

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